Garnier Anti Dark Circle Eye Roller Review

dark circle roller 2Part makeup and part skin care, Garnier Anti Dark Circle Eye Roller promises the best of both worlds.  How convenient and cost effective would it be to combine your eye cream and concealer in one easy to use product, but does it deliver?

What it claims to do:

According to the Garnier website over time, lack of sleep and daily fatigue make eyes look tired. Microcirculation slows and the delicate skin around the eyes becomes thinner and more translucent. Dark circles and shadows appear. Skin Renew Anti-Dark-Circle Roller is right for you if you want to instantly correct the appearance of dark circles and brighten the skin around your eyes:

  • Dermatologist tested for safety
  • Opthalmologist tested
  • Gentle to skin
  • Allergy tested
  • Non-greasy

What it actually does:

dark circle roller 5Ok, let me start by giving you some positives about this product because, frankly, I have conflicting feelings about the usefulness of it. It comes in a unique tube with a metal ball that rolls the product on your skin.  The little ball is very cool and feels quite nice on your skin. Presumably this is to help stimulate circulation under your eyes.  The product dispenses fairly evenly and I don’t find there to be a lot waste. The formula is a little on the thin and watery side, but blends easily enough.  When applying, I normally roll it under my eye twice then gently pat it in with my ring finger.

My biggest complaint with this product is that the tint is very sheer.  Too sheer for my horrible dark circles (thanks heredity).  It just really doesn’t do much to cover them up. The tint is skin toned so there are absolutely no color correcting properties.   This product simply does not conceal enough on its own for me.
Close Up of the sheer tint

Close Up of the sheer tint

Note the watery texture

Note the watery texture

dark circle roller 4This product does a descent job of brightening the under eye area.  Because the tint is slightly lighter than my skin tone, I use this over my corrector and concealer to add a little extra brightness on days that I need some extra help.  The problem is that there are other brighteners on the market that I prefer to this product.  I also occasionally use this under my makeup to help prime the under eye area.

I haven’t noticed any long term effects from this product. The website claims to brighten skin after a week of use, which of course isn’t the case.  I think the skin care properties are similar to most eye creams, you really aren’t going to notice any major changes.  I also have’t had any skin or eye irritations while using this product.

Worth it?

While not terribly expensive, the $10-$12 price tag isn’t terribly cheap either for a product that doesn’t really do a lot for me.  This is just simply not some kind of magical eraser for someone with extremely dark circles.  The product is just too thin and too light.  I should note that there are a lot of positive reviews out there for this product, so if your dark circles aren’t a major concern it might be worth checking it out. For me however, this is definitely a product I will not repurchase.
dark circle roller 3

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