Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Benefit POREfessional Review

Once again I am continuing with reviews of products from my current foundation routine.  Today's review is of step number one, primer.  A good face primer is an essential step in achieving flawless application and lasting results.  There are tons of primers on the market right now and each of them do slightly different things.  Finding your perfect primer is going to depend on your skin type and what you want the actual primer to do.  Whether you are looking for a product that helps control oil or you are more interested in something that is tone correcting, there's a primer for that!

What it claims to do:

According to the website this primer quickly minimizes the appearance of pores and fine lines for smoother-than-smooth skin!  Apply this silky, lightweight balm alone, under or over makeup.  Translucent, oil-free formula compliments all skin tones and helps makeup stay put.  Contains a Vitamin E derivative, known to protect skin from free radicals.

What it actually does: 

If you've been following my blog then by now you know I have really oily skin.  I also have the obnoxiously large pores that goes along with oily skin.  When choosing a primer I naturally want something that is going to help control oil and minimize my pores.  What could be better for this than a product called the POREfessional?  Luckily this product does live up to its name.  

It comes in a squeeze tube and with a small nozzle, that dispenses a very small amount of product.  I really appreciate this sort of packaging because you don't need much of this product to prime your face, which is good, because it is pricey.  When the product comes out of the tube it has a brownish tint, but don't let that fool you.  There is absolutely no pigmentation once blended into the skin.  This product also has a nice, pleasant scent.

The texture, like most primers, is very silky.  It just glides over the skin, making application quick and simple.  I use this after my moisturizer and apply from the center of my face out.  I use a thin layer of this over my entire face, concentrating mainly on the T-zone.  If you don't have oiliness all over then just stick with applying to the T-zone only as I have noticed that this product can cause break outs.  Be sure to massage the product into your skin well to help cover the pores. 

Now, let me go ahead and caution you not to expect this product to make your pores magically vanish completely.  You will however, see a noticeable difference in their appearance.  Basically what this product is doing is filling in the pores to smooth out your skin.  Since the pores are already filled in with this product, foundation is not going to settle there instead.  Thus your foundation is going to look smoother and more flawless.  The silky texture of the POREfessional also makes your foundation blend easier.

Benefit recommends reapplying this throughout the day on top of your makeup if your pores start to show.  I haven't done this because I find that it lasts long enough for me with my foundation.  

Worth it?  

This is a great primer for those of us with larger pores, but I certainly wouldn't recommend this product if you aren't cursed with this problem.  As I mentioned earlier it does have a tendency to cause some breakouts so remember to use sparingly and allow to absorb into the skin before applying foundation.  This product will help to extend the wear time of your makeup and helps reduce the amount of daily touch ups.  It does a descent job of controlling oil too, although there are other primers on the market specifically for this purpose that do a slightly better job of mattifying the skin.  Overall though, I think this product is worth the $30 price tag because it really does help reduce the appearance of pores and smooth out your skin.

Where to buy: Ulta, Sephora      



  1. thanks for this review! :) i have both oily skin and big pores. i guess this product solves the big pores problem... what primer would you recommend for oily skin if this product as you've said is not effective on that area? :)

    1. Hi, thanks for your comment. This product is ok for controlling oil, but is better for minimizing pores. For controlling oil, I would recommend trying Urban Decay De-Slick in a tube or Mary Kay Oil Mattifier. If your main concern is pores I would stick with POREfessional and use a mattifying foundation like Makeup Forever Mat Velvet+.

  2. I have the Mary Kay oil mattifier and it doesn't work all that well. I still got a lot if shine in my t-zone. I find having a more matte foundation worked better. I use clinique stay matte foundation.